Administrating the Collabora services using systemd

When the Collabora packages have been installed as   described in our documentation   the service can be administrated using systemctl, the following commands may be helpful in case of debugging issues:

  • systemctl enable loolwsd
    • Enables loolwsd on system start
  • systemctl disable loolwsd
    • Disables loolwsd on system start
  • systemctl status loolwsd
    • Checks the status of loolwsd
  • systemctl stop loolwsd
    • Stops the loolwsd service
  • systemctl start loolwsd
    • Starts the loolwsd service
  • systemctl restart loolwsd
    • Stops and then starts the loolwsd service
  • journalctl -u loolwsd
    • Read the log output produced by loolwsd

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