Enterprise version and enterprise update channel

With the Nextcloud subscription comes access to the enterprise version of Nextcloud. There are basically two ways to get this version:

  1. by entering the subscription key into the support section of the admin settings and running the update that is offered
  2. download the archive and install it manually

Support settings

During the onboarding process of the Nextcloud subscription a subscription key is send out to all contact persons. This key can directly be entered into the section "Support" of the admin settings of the Nextcloud instance. Once entered the subscription information is shown at the top of that page.

Nextcloud settings for support

Beside that you can also manually configure what the support settings do for you. After entering the subscription key the updater server is changed to the enterprise updater. This change is only made if those values were not changed from the default before - in that case no change is made. Also once entered it allows the administrator to select the "Enterprise" release channel i

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