Installation of Nextcloud Talk High Performance Back-end


The nextcloud-spreed-repository contains the additional services that are required to install the standalone signaling service and the MCU for Nextcloud Talk.

It contains packages for 64bit Ubuntu Trusty (14.04), Xenial (16.04), Bionic (18.04), Focal (20.04), Debian Buster (10) and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.

Use online repository

For customers there is an online repository that can be added to the local APT or DNF sources. Installing from there is recommended to automatically get new versions of the various components.

Once you have received your unique customer id, open theĀ  repository website to get the configuration for your system.

Enter your customer id, select the distribution and follow the steps described on the website to activate the repository.

Use tarballĀ (Ubuntu / Debian only)

To use the the release tarball, copy the repository folder to the server and create a file /etc/apt/sources.list.d/nextcloud-spreed-repository.list with the following contents:


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