Nextcloud and Virtual Data Room configuration

Nextcloud offers a number of features in the Virtual Data Room space which allow the creation of a collaboration environment that is walled off from other data and decreases the chance for data leakage. Note that there is a wide range of abilities associated with virtual data rooms and, like all solutions, Nextcloud has some features and lacks others. In general, a virtual data room is not a single feature but more of a combination of capabilities that can be configured, depending on your needs.

In this article we provide guidance to set up a VDR (Virtual Data Room) with Nextcloud.

NOTE: this article is a work in progress. Please ask questions through support.

Threat modelling

The first step for setting up a VDR is to examine the needs around security and capabilities. It is important to have an idea of both what should be possible and what risks you want to protect from. Here are some questions to ask when developing a threat model for a VDR:

  • To what degree do you trust the users. Ar

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