Scaling of Nextcloud Files Client Push (Notify Push)


The Client Push (Notify Push) is the high performance back-end for Nextcloud Files. It reduces server load from desktop clients and web interface polling while delivering instant notifications to users using websockets.

The Files High Performance Backend is a single element: the push deamon which comes as a separate deployment unit. The deamon is an optional component to be used in a Nextcloud setup.

It is supported with Nextcloud Enterprise Standard and Premium.

Compatibility and Requirements

In order to utilize the client push deamon the following criteria need to be met

  • Nextcloud server version 21 or newer
  • Nextcloud desktop client version 3.3 or newer
  • Redis server to be setup and for nextcloud to be configured to use the redis server

General installation and configuration

The general installation and configuration guideline can be found at with the installation packages at

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