Branding asset requirements

Nextcloud branding assets requirements

These are the resources Nextcloud requires in order to be able to deliver branded clients.

General attributes

  • Application name 
    • default: Nextcloud
    • maximum (due to iOS limitation): 30 chars
    • ideal for display: 18 chars
  • Domain

    • needed for app id on Android/iOS, config value on Desktop to avoid conflicts
    • default: not visible for user and any domain can be entered by user
  • Enforce domain
    • when enabled user cannot enter the URL of the server, but only is prompted for the login credentials
  • Multi account
    • by default multi account is disabled, so that the Android/iOS app can have only one account. For some special use cases it might be needed to have multi account.
  • Brand color

    • default: #0082c9
  • Brand font color

    • will be used for text displayed on top of the brand color
    • default: #ffffff

  • Help URL

  • Privacy URL

  • Push Proxy URL (optional

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