LDAP Articles
How LDAP/AD password policies and external storage mounts work together
This article summarizes how the LDAP user backend of Nextcloud works together with LDAP/AD password policies and SMB mount points. The presumed setup consists of the LDAP user backend within Nextcloud that is configured to take the user attributes... Read More
Migrating to another LDAP server
Sometimes it happens that we need to migrate the users from one LDAP server to another one. What's the best way to do this, without loosing access to your files, shares or any other metadata? LDAP to Nextcloud mapping Nextcloud uses internally... Read More
Active Directory with multiple Domain Controllers via Global Catalog
When several domains are organized in different domain controllers, all records can be reached when using the Global Catalog. The advantage is that instead of having one LDAP/AD configuration for every domain controller, one connection that connects... Read More