Compliance Articles
Controlling File Versions and Aging
Most Nextcloud users want to be able to retrieve old version of their files while ensuring they don't exceed their storage quotas. The Versions app (files_version) automatically delete old versions according to this pattern: For the...... Read More
Files Access Control
Nextcloud’s File Access Control app enables administrators to create and manage a set of rule groups. Each of the rule groups consists of one or more rules. If all rules of a group hold true, the group matches the request and access is being... Read More
Nextcloud and Virtual Data Room configuration
Nextcloud offers a number of features in the Virtual Data Room space which allow the creation of a collaboration environment that is walled off from other data and decreases the chance for data leakage. Note that there is a wide range of abilities... Read More
Using the audit log
The following information can be retrieved from the audit log if the app Auditing/Logging is enabled: Files File created accessed updated renamed copied removed deleted File version restored deleted File shared with/unshared from (including... Read More
GDPR compliance guidance
As a self-hosted or locally hosted platform, use of Nextcloud can eliminate a whole raft of compliance risks and complications. Read on for a short introduction to the GDPR and links to our documentation. Short introduction The GDPR is an European... Read More