External Storage Articles
Object Store as Primary Storage
By default, Nextcloud store users' files in nextcloud/data, but you might want to take advantage of the benefits of object stores and use them as primary storage. Nextcloud allows using object store as primary storage. Note that nextcloud/data... Read More
Controlling File Versions and Aging
Most Nextcloud users want to be able to retrieve old version of their files while ensuring they don't exceed their storage quotas. The Versions app (files_version) automatically delete old versions according to this pattern: For the...... Read More
How LDAP/AD password policies and external storage mounts work together
This article summarizes how the LDAP user backend of Nextcloud works together with LDAP/AD password policies and SMB mount points. The presumed setup consists of the LDAP user backend within Nextcloud that is configured to take the user attributes... Read More
Using SharePoint as External Storage
SharePoint is a popular enterprise data collaboration platform, however it provides a complicated user interface and has limited capabilities on mobile and outside the corporate network. Nextcloud external storage support offers an easy way to access... Read More