Installation Articles
Nextcloud Deployment Recommendations
What does a typical Nextcloud deployment look like? The answer varies greatly according to your needs and IT infrastructure. In this article, we will provide you with guidance to install and maintain Nextcloud according to your own needs. Nextcloud... Read More
Installation of Collabora
The usage of Collabora requires a Nextcloud Enterprise Subscription with Collabora option. Without that option, Nextcloud GmbH is not able to give support for Collabora installations. Installation of Collabora Collabora Productivity provides signed... Read More
User Provisioning API usage
The Provisioning API allows external systems to monitor and manage certain Nextcloud features. It provides a set of APIs that these external systems can use to: query, create, edit and delete user attributes query, set and delete groups set quota... Read More
Considerations on Monitoring
Deploying Nextcloud on a large scale implies a close monitoring of critical software and infrastructure components. In companies, Nextcloud is most of the time run as load balanced n-tier web  and requires infrastructure and application monitoring.... Read More
SELinux configuration
Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) is a mandatory access control (MAC) security mechanism implemented in the kernel. If you install Nextcloud on a Linux distribution where SELinux is enabled, you may encounter permission issues with your Linux... Read More
Nextcloud and Virtual Data Room configuration
Nextcloud offers a number of features in the Virtual Data Room space which allow the creation of a collaboration environment that is walled off from other data and decreases the chance for data leakage. Note that there is a wide range of abilities... Read More
Automatic Configuration Setup
Installing Nextcloud on several servers should not be painful and time-consuming, as you probably do not want to set up each instance separately. This is why Nextcloud provides a way to automatically configure multiple servers. Creating a... Read More
Using Oracle 12c as database
Nextcloud can be configured to use an Oracle database instance or a cluster of instances. A special Nextcloud subscription is required in order for Nextcloud engineers to support an architecture using Oracle databases. Requirements Nextcloud server... Read More
Remove Calendar and Todos-sections from Activity-app
The Activity-app is showing different categories of activities (File changes, shared by/with you, ...). Two of those categories are "Calendar" and "Todos". Even if the corresponding apps are not installed and enabled, the categories show up because... Read More
Enterprise version and enterprise update channel
With the Nextcloud subscription comes access to the enterprise version of Nextcloud. There are basically two ways to get this version: by entering the subscription key into the support section of the admin settings and running the update that is... Read More
Scaling of Nextcloud Files Client Push (Notify Push)
Introduction The Client Push (Notify Push) is the high performance back-end for Nextcloud Files. It reduces server load from desktop clients and web interface polling while delivering instant notifications to users using websockets. The Files High... Read More
Nextcloud Enterprise Releases
Nextcloud Enterprise Nextcloud Enterprise is pre-configured, optimized and hardened for the special needs of large scale, production-critical enterprise deployments. It is backed by your Nextcloud Subscription which gives you access to our expertise,... Read More