Operations Articles
Considerations on Monitoring
Deploying Nextcloud on a large scale implies a close monitoring of critical software and infrastructure components. In companies, Nextcloud is most of the time run as load balanced n-tier web  and requires infrastructure and application monitoring.... Read More
Backup & Restore
Documentation https://docs.nextcloud.com/server/12/admin_manual/maintenance/index.html App Backup App: a backup app that enables admins to create backups of a Nextcloud instance and also restore it https://github.com/nextcloud/backup  Additional... Read More
Tagging and Workflows
Automated tagging of files Nextcloud's Files Automated Tagging app allows to assign collaborative tags to files and folders when they are uploaded/updated based on rules, similar to Files Access Control . The tags can be used in File Access... Read More
How to upgrade a clustered environment
The upgrade in a clustered environment works nearly the same as in a non-clustered as described in the official documentation. A general note: it is not possible to use the instance while the upgrade is happening, but the upgrade should be a matter... Read More