Scalability Articles
Nextcloud Deployment Recommendations
What does a typical Nextcloud deployment look like? The answer varies greatly according to your needs and IT infrastructure. In this article, we will provide you with guidance to install and maintain Nextcloud according to your own needs. Nextcloud... Read More
Collabora Hardware Recommendations
Calculating the hardware requirements for a deployment of Collabora Online requires several factors: Usage factor This is what proportion of users are expected to be using Collabora Online at any given moment vs. other tasks such as E-mail and/or web... Read More
Load Balancing and High Availability for Collabora
General remarks There are many possible ways to load balance Collabora Online. However there are a set of basic principles that help correctly configure and use load balancing / HA solutions. The key principle here is that Collabora Online that no... Read More
User Provisioning API usage
The Provisioning API allows external systems to monitor and manage certain Nextcloud features. It provides a set of APIs that these external systems can use to: query, create, edit and delete user attributes query, set and delete groups set quota... Read More
Considerations on Monitoring
Deploying Nextcloud on a large scale implies a close monitoring of critical software and infrastructure components. In companies, Nextcloud is most of the time run as load balanced n-tier web  and requires infrastructure and application monitoring.... Read More
Scaling of Nextcloud Files Client Push (Notify Push)
Introduction The Client Push (Notify Push) is the high performance back-end for Nextcloud Files. It reduces server load from desktop clients and web interface polling while delivering instant notifications to users using websockets. The Files High... Read More