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  • Object Store as Primary Storage

    By default, Nextcloud store users' files in nextcloud/data, but you might want to take advantage of the benefits of object stores and use them as primary storage. Nextcloud allows using object store as primary storage. Note that nextcloud/data could still be in use for other reasons.

    What does it imply?

    Object storage can be used either as primary storage or as external storage. When it is used as primary storage, the object store only store the file content by using a unique identifier. No metadata are stored in the object store: no files names, no directory structures, etc. Nextcloud assumes exclusive access over the bucket being used.

    This has benefits and downsides: performance is better when you use an object store as primary storage, but it restricts being able to access the files from outside of Nextcloud.


    Primary object stores need to be configured in config.php by specifying the objectstore backend and any backend specific configuration.

    Note: Configuring a primary object store on an existing Nextcloud instance will make all existing files on the instance inaccessible.