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  • Additional fonts in Nextcloud Office

    Nextcloud Office uses Collabora Online as its backend, which comes with a large variety of free fonts, see the list below:

    • Caladea and Carlito, which are metric-compatible with Cambria and Calibri
    • Déja Vu
    • Emoji One
    • Gentium
    • Google Open Sans and PT Serif
    • Google Noto (full Unicode coverage)
    • Karla
    • Liberation Sans and Liberation Serif, which are metric-compatible with Arial and Times New Roman
    • Linux Libertine G
    • Source Code Pro and Source Sans Pro

    In order to use custom fonts there are two ways of how truetype font files can be added to the Collabora Online server. They can either be provided by the systemplate or be loaded through dynamic configuration from the Nextcloud server where administrators can upload fonts to the server directly.