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  • Old version still shown after successful update

    Sometimes, it can happen that an update has been available and successfully executed, but the old version is still shown.

    Typically, the updater states an update is available. The sysadmin tries to update, the update states being successful and all check marks are green. However, when opening Nextcloud again, the old version is shown. The upgrade was in fact not successful.

    The updater is instantly shown with all check marks filled:

    Steps that will be executed:

    [✔] Check for expected files

    [✔] Check for write permissions

    [✔] Create backup

    [✔] Downloading

    [✔] Verify integrity

    [✔] Extracting

    [✔] Enable maintenance mode

    [✔] Replace entry points

    [✔] Delete old files

    [✔] Move new files in place

    [✔] Done