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    Administrating the Collabora services using systemd

    Managing service with systemctl...

    Collabora Hardware Recommendations

    Calculating the hardware requirements for a deployment of Collabora Online requires several factors:...

    Configuration of Collabora Online Office

    The central configuration file for Collabora Online Office is the coolwsd.xml, which is located in the Collabora installation directory. This article will guide through a few important configuration options....

    Load Balancing and High Availability for Collabora

    There are many possible ways to load balance Collabora Online. However there are a set of basic principles that help correctly configure and use load balancing / HA solutions....

    Nextcloud and Virtual Data Room configuration

    Nextcloud offers a number of features in the Virtual Data Room space which allow the creation of a collaboration environment that is walled off from other data and decreases the chance for data leakage. Note that there is a wide range of abilities as...