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    Adding contact persons for

    Our support portal automatically recognizes emails to from known senders and assigns them to the right customer account....

    Backup & Restore

    Backup and restore concepts should be part of every good Nextcloud deployment. ...

    Connect an external monitoring tool

    First, see here:

    Considerations on Monitoring

    Deploying Nextcloud on a large scale implies a close monitoring of critical software and infrastructure components. In companies, Nextcloud is most of the time run as load balanced n-tier web and requires infrastructure and application monitoring. I...

    How to change the MariaDB row type online with Galera

    The correct database table row type makes MariaDB perform better with Galera. For large installations, changing the row type can take a long time, during which Nextcloud can't be used....

    How to upgrade a clustered environment

    The upgrade in a clustered environment works nearly the same as in a non-clustered as described in the official documentation....

    How to upgrade an offline (airgapped) installation

    Some installations are not connected to the internet. The default upgrade procedure of Nextcloud makes use of the internet to retrieve updated versions of the apps installed. The installed apps need to be compatible with the Nextcloud version. Theref...

    Managed Nextcloud instances

    As an ISP or Nextcloud Partner you might want to manage Nextcloud instances for your customers. This will allow you to restrict admin access for your customer. For example you can restrict Nextcloud features to the features the customer pays for. E.g...

    Nextcloud Enterprise Releases

    Nextcloud Enterprise is pre-configured, optimized and hardened for the special needs of large scale, production-critical enterprise deployments. It is backed by your Nextcloud Subscription which gives you access to our expertise, partner services and...

    Prepare for upgrading your Nextcloud instance

    The philosophy here is : "prevention is better than cure"...

    Setup as a service provider

    Running Nextcloud as a service provider with end users is a bit different from running it for your own company. This document will guide you configuration options and best practices for that case....

    Tagging and Workflows

    Automated tagging of files...

    Using Groupfolders - Advanced Permissions

    Groupfolders Advanced Permissions are a powerful tool for managing access control lists for individual users and groups. This feature allows for fine-grained control over the permissions that are set for each shared group folder and the files and fol...

    Working with the support app

    This page contains information about your Nextcloud Enterprise Subscription....