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    Automated tagging of files

    Nextcloud's Files Automated Tagging app allows to assign collaborative tags to files and folders when they are uploaded/updated based on rules, similar to Files Access Control. The tags can be used in File Access Control as well as by the Rentention features as described in Controlling File Versions and Aging. Last but not least, actions can be executed based on set tags. In the article below we explain the process of explaining tags and address workflow capabilities.

    Assigning restricted and invisible tags

    The main functionality of this app is to allow users to indirectly assign restricted and invisible tags to files they upload.

    This is especially useful for retention and access control, so people that got the files shared can not remove the tag to stop the retention or allow access against the owners will.


    After installing the Files automated tagging app, navigate to the system configuration and locate the Workflow settings.