Files Access Control

Nextcloud’s File Access Control app enables administrators to create and manage a set of rule groups. Each of the rule groups consists of one or more rules. If all rules of a group hold true, the group matches the request and access is being denied. The rules criteria range from IP address, to user groups, collaborative tags and some more.

Below we will explain what File Access Control can do with some examples:

  • how to limit access during specific times
  • how to deny folder access
  • how to prevent uploading of specific files

We then go into common misconfigurations, considerations with regards to external storage and list available rules.

Note that the Workflow Engine, which underlies the File Access Control feature, can also be used for configuring retention or automated execution of actions.

Denied access

If access to a file has been denied for a user, the user can not:

  • Create/upload the file
  • Modify the files
  • Delete the file
  • Download the file
  • Syncronise the file with clients, such a

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