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    Cache & session storage



    When master fails another slave can become master....

    General recommendations

    What does a typical Nextcloud deployment look like? The answer varies greatly according to your needs and IT infrastructure. In this article, we will provide you with guidance to install and maintain Nextcloud according to your own needs. Nextcloud a...

    Hardware Considerations


    Large Organizations and Service Providers


    Mid-sized Organizations


    Operating system

    Operating System...

    Scale-out deployment

    Provider setup:...

    Small Workgroups or Departments



    While many customers are starting with NFS, sooner or later that requires scale-out storage. Currently the options are GPFS or GlusterFS, or an object store protocol like S3 or Swift. S3 also allows access to Ceph Storage....

    Webserver considerations

    Taking Apache and Nginx as the contenders, Apache with mod_php is currently the best option, as Nginx does not support all features necessary for enterprise deployments. Mod_php is recommended instead of PHP_FPM, because in scale-out deployments sepa...