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  • Controlling File Versions and Aging

    Most Nextcloud users want to be able to retrieve old version of their files while ensuring they don't exceed their storage quotas. The Versions app (files_version) automatically delete old versions according to this pattern:

    For the... Nextcloud keeps...
    first second one version
    first 10 seconds one version every 2 seconds
    first minute one version every 10 seconds
    first hour one version every minute
    first 24 hours one version every hour
    first 30 days one version every day
    After the first 30 days one version every week

    The versions are adjusted along this pattern every time a new version is created.

    The Versions app never uses more that 50% of the user’s currently available free space. If the stored versions exceed this limit, Nextcloud deletes the oldest file versions until it meets the disk space limit again.

    You may alter the default pattern in config.php. The default setting is auto, which sets the default pattern:

        ’versions_retention_obligation’ => ’auto’,