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  • Installation of Nextcloud Talk High-performance backend

    The High-performance Backend is composed by two elements: the signaling server and the WebRTC gateway. The signaling server is used to exchange messages between the participants in the call (messages in the sense of IP addresses to establish connection between them, not chat messages); the clients, both browsers and mobile apps, establish a WebSocket connection to it. The WebRTC gateway, Janus, is the actual connection hub that the participants connect to; it receives the media from each participant and sends it to the others as needed.

    Optionally a SIP bridge is also available to make possible for users to dial in by phone into calls.

    The nextcloud-spreed-repository, only available to customers, contains the additional services that are required to install the standalone signaling service, the Janus WebRTC gateway and the SIP bridge for Nextcloud Talk.

    It contains packages for 64bit Ubuntu Bionic (18.04), Focal (20.04), Jammy (22.04), Debian Buster (10) and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.