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  • Nextcloud Talk High-performance backend requirements

    Here you find the minimum system requirements for the Talk High-Performance Back-End (HPB) and how to configure the Network interface to enable communication between the HPB, Nextcloud and the users.

    Talk specific terminology

    • HPB: High-Performance Back-End, the whole server with all its components
    • SFU: Selective Forwarding Unit, this is one component of the HPB. The SFU collects all the media streams and sends them out to all participants again.
    • Signaling Server: Another component of the HPB which handles the signalling between the server and the participants, e.g. "user X joined a call".

    Minimum system requirements

    • 8 GB RAM
    • 32 GB free disk (for caching, data will not be stored)
    • 4 Cores i7/Xeon (must support AES)
    • This setup is estimated to work for at least about 150 concurrent users
    • It should suffice for far larger numbers when talking about webinars or small (1-5 participants) meetings. See below for some examples.
    • Supported operating systems:
      • Ubuntu Linux (LTS), 18.04, 20.04, 22.04
      • Debian 10
      • RHEL 8