Collabora Hardware Recommendations

Calculating the hardware requirements for a deployment of Collabora Online requires several factors:

Usage factor

This is what proportion of users are expected to be using Collabora Online at any given moment vs. other tasks such as E-mail and/or web browsing. A conservative value here for enterprise users would be a 50% usage ratio. For a large scale hosted solution focused on E-mail, the usage ratio can be as low as 1 to 2%.

Viewers vs. Editors

This gives an indication of the work-load likelihood. Again a conservative enterprise user value would be 50% viewing, 50% editing, whereas for a hosted, E-mail focused solution the viewing proportion could easily be over 90% viewing, 10% editing.

Concurrent Users

To simplify this calculation we convert each Viewer into one tenth of an Editor and add the Editors. We recommend at least the following hardware resources:

  • Ten Concurrent Users per CPU thread.
  • 100Mb of RAM per user
  • 100 Kbit/second of bandwidth

These ratios are conservative and rou

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