Load Balancing and High Availability for Collabora

General remarks

There are many possible ways to load balance Collabora Online. However there are a set of basic principles that help correctly configure and use load balancing / HA solutions.

The key principle here is that Collabora Online that no long term persistent data is stored inside the Application – all long term persistent document data is saved to the data layer accessed via a protocol such as WOPI or WebDAV – but it does contain short term state. A Collabora Online instance has transient cached tile data but also, critically, the current document model’s editing state.

In order for Shared Editing (and in future Collaborative Editing) to function correctly, it is vital to ensure that all users editing the same document end up being served by the same Collabora Office instance. All load balancing approaches must keep this in mind.

Using the WOPI protocol, the https URL includes a unique for use with this document. Thus load balancing can be done by URL – ensuring that all

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