Mimetypes management

If your company needs to use specific filetypes on a regular basis or wants to brand certain types of files, custom mimetypes may be useful. Nextcloud supports custom mimetypes handling, and enables administrators to add file types or choose a custom icon for specific file types.

How to create mimetype aliases

You can edit mimetypes by creating aliases, allowing administrators to display custom icons for certain filetypes. For instance, you might want to help your employees identify unusual filetypes by providing them with a more self-explanatory icon.

In order to do so, you need to create your ownnextcloud/config/mimetypealiases.json file containing your custom aliases. Use the same syntax as in nextcloud/resources/config/mimetypealiases.dist.json

Note: You may have noticed that Nextcloud is distributed with nextcloud/resources/config/mimetypealiases.dist.json by default. Nevertheless, editing this file directly will not work as it will be replaced when your Nextcloud instance is up

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