User Provisioning API usage

The Provisioning API allows external systems to monitor and manage certain Nextcloud features. It provides a set of APIs that these external systems can use to:

  • query, create, edit and delete user attributes
  • query, set and delete groups
  • set quota
  • query total storageĀ 

The Provisioning API also allows users who are group administrators to query Nextcloud and act as an administrator for groups they manage. Administrators can also:

  • remotely enable and disable an application
  • query for active Nextcloud applications
  • query for applications informationĀ 

Any of the functions listed above can be performed via HTTP requests using a Basic Auth header. Note that the Provisioning API app is enabled by default.

The base URL for all calls to the share API is nextcloud_base_url/ocs/v1.php/cloud.

All calls to OCS endpoints require the OCS-APIRequest header to be set to true.

All POST requests require the Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded header. (Note: Some libraries like Curl set this

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