Changing Default Files

You might want to provide your new users with a set of default files that will appear in their Nextcloud after their initial login. This can be done by placing files in the nextcloud/core/skeleton directory, in your Nextcloud server. The files stored in the skeleton directory will be copied into the users' data directory, allowing them to show, edit or delete the files without any effect on the original files. Please note that if you add new files to the skeleton directory, existing users will not see them on their Nextcloud.

For instance, here is a set of useful documents in the skeleton directory.

They appear on the user’s Nextcloud Files page just like any other files.

Additional Configuration

If you want to configure the directory where the skeleton files are located, you can edit theconfig.php (See Config.php Parameters) file. The configuration option skeletondirectory allows you to configure the location of the skeleton files. If you do not wish to copy skeleton files, leave

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